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Author: Julianna Estrada

All 2017 Singles from Taylor Swift

After Taylor Swift turbulent year of 2016, she released Reputation, and with it four singles. After Taylor said that 2017 was the best year for her, this singer was publicly attacked, again. First, on Twitter, and then through the internet, the hate spread like a fire. Like Taylor doesn’t have already enough on her plate. She caught a little break from this mad world while she was releasing her singles, but now, the bitter madness began again. But, we will stay positive, and on track. So here are all the singles Taylor Swift released in 2017. Let’s celebrate her...

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Bandslam – The Story Behind It

Also known as High School Rock, this American musical from 2009 was a very popular romantic comedy drama film. It was just the perfect combination of rock music, crazy outfits, loud electric guitars and eccentric behavior mixed with a bit of love and romance. It revolved around the bond of two people who think alike and share their passionate love for rock music. In fact, it was the music that helped them to get together. Eventually, these two assemble a crew of like minded misfits and friends who form a rock group together only to perform in a battle...

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Salem Falls – A Drama That Will Move You

If there ever was a movie where music played such an important part that it could almost change the way you felt about a certain actor, his or her character as well as their roles, that would be most definitely Salem Falls. A man, with a dark secret he wants to put behind him, embarks on a journey to find a better life for himself. The plot is very well thought of but, it was the splendid music that helped to emphasize it to the maximum of its potential. Now, to completely understand this, it is important to understand...

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Coldplay New Album

Since their sophomore album ”A head full of dreams” in 2015, Coldplay reached the record-breaking sales. Even though we have not heard from them since the last album, it seems that the four-piece took some time to sit down and surprise their fans with the new EP. If you have been on about it, here are some good news for all of you. Coldplay confirmed that they will release a new EP in 2017, under the name Kaleidoscope. Even though it will be EP rather than LP, the fans will still be able to get a good taste of...

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