Also known as High School Rock, this American musical from 2009 was a very popular romantic comedy drama film. It was just the perfect combination of rock music, crazy outfits, loud electric guitars and eccentric behavior mixed with a bit of love and romance.

BandslamIt revolved around the bond of two people who think alike and share their passionate love for rock music. In fact, it was the music that helped them to get together. Eventually, these two assemble a crew of like minded misfits and friends who form a rock group together only to perform in a battle of the bands competition, widely known as Bandslam.

Now, if you ever gave a thought about forming a band yourself, this movie could be a really great introduction as to what you have to keep in your mind before you do it. Having a band is not only about the music, you have to think about the other band members, the guitars, drums and other instruments and eventually, the merchandise that will help you spread the popularity of your newly formed band.

Bandslam was not popular only because of the rock music, fancy guitars and rock t-shirts but because of David Bowie’s final film appearance before his death in 2016. So, in a way, this movie was approved by a rock legend himself and that has to count for something.

Bandlsam was well received critically before and after it was released. Still, the movie did not do well commercially but, it managed to do one thing and that was to make hundreds and thousands of teenagers start a rock band. There were t-shirts with the movie cover all over the world, selling in no time and all around the globe kids were buying guitars, trying to start a rock band and be cool.

Maybe the movie was not largely accepted by the wider audience, it still managed to make an impact on the younger generations and enrich them with the spirit of rock. It became some kind of a trend to go to a party and instead of bringing some alcohol you rather bring a guitar or a rock t-shirt as a present. When you come to think about this, the movie did make a change after all and a good one too. It made kids think about rock culture and music and accept it eventually.