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Sennheiser and their Headphones

Sennheiser and their Headphones

This famous German company has been making headphones and other types of stereo devices for a long time and they are excellent at their work. They will give you a great quality of sound and awesome design features.

But before some of the latest models from this company get analyzed you should know about this awesome website where you will find all the models talked about here. The website in question is and if you are a music lover you will enjoy all they have to offer.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

Sennheiser HD 280 ProThis seat has a wide frequency range and it will give you a natural sound when you listen to music on them, this fact is one of the reasons that the headsets are so popular among buyers. They use audio drivers that give a clear sound once you are listening to music on them. The other feature that makes them so popular is the fact that a lot of the parts are easily changeable and replicable so they will last for a long time. They are also lightweight and very comfortable, plus they will reduce the ambient noise so you can listen and enjoy music with no disturbances.

Sennheiser RS120

They are a pair of wireless headphones that have a very simple way of recharging. Their design is light and you will not feel their weight on your head. Sennheiser made sure that they have enough padding so they will fit perfectly on your head and give you a feeling like you are wearing clouds around your head. They will also give you the top-notch sound quality that does not go heavy on the bass and they have a built-in volume control.

Sennheiser HD 558 Headphones

This pair of headphones has a lot to offer compared to its price. First of all, their sound is perfect and it even gives a great bass undertone. Every sound that the tunes you are listening to produces you will be able to hear distinctly and with ease.

The company gave a lot of effort to make the sound coming from the blend in. You know how in some headsets you can hear the different sound intensity being played on the opposite sides with this headset you will not have that problem and you will hear the entire sound as if it came from one side.

Then there is the problem that some people experience with cables, sometimes they can get tangled up and when they do they will decrease the lifespan of the headset. That is not the case with this pair because they are made so they will prevent this from happening and they have an extremely long cable so you can walk all around your room with them on your head.

The last feature I want to mention is the neodymium ferrous magnet system that will give you way more than you can expect with the price you are paying for them. All these features together make this pair one of the best you can get for under a hundred dollars.

How to Learn About Music

How to Learn About Music

In order to know music, you need to know musical history and genres. You need to constantly keep up with the new information them music world has to offer. By doing so you will keep yourself posted on any innovations and new methods which might come in handy. Here is all you need to know.

The Younger the Better

Try finding a youthful source of information to maintain your knowledge of singing and music. Find out everything you need to know about the musicians, songs, lyrics, bands, and everything you deem relevant.

The Scope of Music is Wide

It is not only about the artists themselves. It is about everything that has to do with it. Learn about musical equipment, the latest DJs, find the latest charts and see what is trending, learn about recording studios etc.

You can also learn about classical music and instruments. Try reading about how and where instruments were made.

Be Passionate

You cannot simply inform yourself. You have to be passionate about the things you are learning. Find a source which is as passionate as can be. True music aficionados will light a fire in your mind and keep you interested and inspired. Read interviews with your favorite artists to get insight into your world of music.


Musical Genres

Many people will agree that jazz is one of the founding genres of true rhythm and soul. If you keep up with the latest jazz artists you will remain in touch with an old musical style but in a new era of it. This means you will be getting insight into the best of both worlds. Every serious musical enthusiast needs to keep themselves posted on contemporary jazz.

Traditional Music

One method of learning is immersing yourself into a variety of ethnic or folk music. This will help you understand the culture of a specific social group through music. Once you get to know it better you will be able to make a difference between traditional and popular music. This can help you broaden your musical horizons and figuratively travel the world. If music is something you love you should use it as a method of learning whenever you can.

The Geography of Music

Discover music from all over the world. This will help you gain knowledge about how the same musical genre can produce different sounds. For example, American jazz has evolved into many other shapes and forms. European styled jazz will teach you some new methods which originated in that musical climate. The same goes for African jazz. All three will intertwine in order to create the new face of 21st-century jazz.

Newest Music

New music and new musical genres are discovered every year. The contemporary frenzy over a new sound reverberates on the World Wide Web and travels faster than it would a couple of decades ago. This is a perk of the modern man. You can easily find everything you want to know about music online. Learn about new instruments and new artists to broaden your knowledge of music.

Open Back Headphones – What are they and Are They for You?

Open Back Headphones – What are they and Are They for You?

Reading through audio reviews can be quite challenging if you’re not exactly familiar with the technical terms. Once we consider how complex personal audio can be, it isn’t that surprising that the jargon and buzzwords related to audio devices can be confusing to people who are not tech-savvy. However, these things are not to be ignored, especially if you’re planning to spend a lot of money on a gadget that you will use every day.

One of these terms is open back headphones. What are they? Should you use them? Let’s dive in this product overview and see why more and more people are using this type of headphones today!

What Are Open Back Headphones? 

To make things more clear, let’s first take a closer look at the closed back headphones. These headphones are made in a way to isolate the outside noise and capture the sound that comes from the headphones themselves. The open back models do an opposite thing – they have special perforations whose purpose is to let the sound and air pass freely into the cups and out of them.

The main benefit of this design is the fact that it significantly changes the whole listening experience. Unlike the closed back models that provide the user with the “in your head” listening experience, the open back headphones render a sort of “in the world around me” musical experience.

Imagine yourself sitting on a porch in the middle of summer – you’re sitting on a chair and listening to music with your closed back headphones. The music is all that you can hear, with all other sounds coming from the outside world being dampened or wholly removed. You switch to open back headphones and these sounds start to bleed into the headphones – it sounds like the music is coming from the area around you, rather than from the headphones themselves. Along with the music, other sounds travel to ear, too – the rustle of the wind, the birds chirping, the cars in the distance, etc.



OBH Listening

  • Wider Soundstage

With the space underneath the cups not being totally confined, the sound waves are free to flow in and around the listener’s ears. The result of this is a soundstage that’s more open, larger, wider, and deeper. Listening to music with these headphones is more like listening to a couple of well-placed stereo speakers, instead of having the feeling that the music is coming “from inside your head.”

  • Natural Listening Experience

Another benefit of open back headphones is that they’re pretty amazing when it comes to delivering music that sounds much more natural and realistic. By allowing the sound waves to escape, the reflections off the materials that are inside the cups are minimal. In other words, the low amount of reflections leads to the improvement of clarity and accuracy.

Furthermore, the open nature of these headphones also means that there is not so much air pressure to work against. The result of this is the drivers being able to quickly and efficiently respond to audio signals around them, which helps with maintaining better clarity and accuracy.

  • Breathability

Those who hate that hot sweaty feeling that comes with closed back models will undoubtedly appreciate this type of headphones. Their open nature allows moisture and excess heat to escape, thus making the whole listening experience far more comfortable (especially over more extended periods of time). The combination of low weight and open nature makes these headphones ideal for the hotter climates.



Audeze OBH

  • Less Privacy

The open nature of these headphones means less privacy – other can hear what you’re listening to and could even be disturbed by it. Using them on public transportation and in libraries is not advisable.

  • Less Isolation

As we said, listening to music with these headphones means that you’ll be able to hear all sorts of noises mixing with your music. This can become distracting and make it quite hard to hear the not-so-loud elements within songs.

  • Lower-level Frequencies Are Less Punchy

Those who really like low-end beats will find these headphones slightly disappointing. Due to their inability to confine air, they can’t quite deliver the low-end beats with the same intensity as their closed back cousins.


So, Should I Get Them?

Just like with all other gadgets, deciding which type of headphones to get depends on personal tastes and preferences. The decision is entirely up to you – if the advantages we’ve listed sound tempting, definitely consider getting a pair of quality open air headphones.

3 important factors to remember when buying stereo speakers

3 important factors to remember when buying stereo speakers

Producing high-quality music comes from the three simple facts that you need to have in mind: an ear for music, optimizing the system and having good stereo speakers. The latter might sound immature, but as you could see in any reviews regarding the producing equipment, there is a great emphasis on having good speakers. Although these three facts are not the only facts that you need to include when setting your audio equipment, they are the most essential in the whole process of setting up the professional environment for creating high-quality tracks.

Sound quality is a matter of personal opinion

SpeakersIt is the same thing like art for example –  what someone finds as pleasant and top-notch track, the other person would not find it as something that is top notch in his opinion. It is understandable that no perfect stereo system will produce the high-quality sound. However, you need to listen to several tracks that you are familiar with (a song from your preferred genre for example) but on different speakers. In this way, you can be almost 100% sure that you will get the right speaker for your studio before your final decision. In case you are on the budget, looking for the best audio monitors for your studio, take a look at top 5 best studio monitors under 200$.

Acoustics and recording environment

Each type of speaker is designed to max out its sound quality but not each speaker is made for the same area. Depending on your studio size, you need to choose the appropriate type of speaker to produce its maximum sound quality. The bigger speaker you have, the bigger space you need to produce the guaranteed quality of the sound. Carpets or rugs can, for example, absorb the sound, while the furniture reflects the sound. It is recommended to have a balance between these two to get good sound quality. Also, if you are creating surround-sound-set-up, you should stick with the same brand of your speakers for the best performance.

Matching the right components for the optimized results

It is of high importance to match the systems. It means that, if you have a speaker that requires 100 watts of output power, you need to have an amplifier that does not exceed the stated wattage. If there is a slight difference in the wattage of these two devices, it very likely that you will not get the maximum out of your speakers. Always have in mind these specifications to achieve the best possible sound. A lot of people forgets this detail, ending up with poor sound quality which they try to fix with too any EQs.

Thorough research

Like in every set-up, you need to determine whether the speaker you are planning to buy justifies its price. Try to test out several different speakers on different genres so you could determine should you buy the speakers. In case you have an experienced friend who is in audio production, try consulting him before you buy any speaker or audio equipment.

All 2017 Singles from Taylor Swift

All 2017 Singles from Taylor Swift

After Taylor Swift turbulent year of 2016, she released Reputation, and with it four singles. After Taylor said that 2017 was the best year for her, this singer was publicly attacked, again. First, on Twitter, and then through the internet, the hate spread like a fire. Like Taylor doesn’t have already enough on her plate. She caught a little break from this mad world while she was releasing her singles, but now, the bitter madness began again. But, we will stay positive, and on track. So here are all the singles Taylor Swift released in 2017. Let’s celebrate her career-perfect year.

„Call It What You Want“

Single was released on November 3rd and it is a fourth from her album Reputation. This single showed her fans that Taylor is in love again, and it is with Joe Alwyn, her current love. The title of this single is its main love and it is here to show the public her opinion about all their comments on her love life. Taylor doesn’t care what people think – she is here and she is doing what she wants. This single is about support, strength, and love. Swift doesn’t care for critics, she is in love, sweet and happy.


This single was released on October 20th as a third one, and it reached top 10 in Canada, Australia, Malaysia, and Hungary, while it was at the top 20 in United States, United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland and New Zealand. This is one longing, lusty song which shows us Taylor clubbing, drinking whiskey and lusting for her man. There is only one problem – she is already taken and she shouldn’t be craving for this gorgeous man. It would be bad if he has a girl, but if he is single that is much worse „Cause you’re so gorgeous it actually hurts“. Falling in love is dangerous. Especially when you already have a man.

„Ready For It?“

Released on September 2nd, this song was something we were ready for quite some time. This happy, feel-good song cleverly pointed pout Taylor’s image – she steals hearts, and much more. She is taking her time with the next love before she tames him. This light and carefree single critics have been marked as a progression over the past one. The first portion of “Ready for it” was released during “Saturday Night Football” on ABC. Since then, it was used on this show as an introduction every time.

„Look What You Made Me Do“

The single was released on August 25th after quite a turbulent year she had. Her new album Reputation for which this single „Look What You Made Me Do“ was recorded, made some space in the public for Taylor to finally say everything she wants after the turbulent year she had. Taylors integrity and honor was publicly shamed and now she finally said her piece – and it was a glorious vengeance. With a very little trouble, listeners can guess who is she singing about.

Bandslam – The Story Behind It

Bandslam – The Story Behind It

Also known as High School Rock, this American musical from 2009 was a very popular romantic comedy drama film. It was just the perfect combination of rock music, crazy outfits, loud electric guitars and eccentric behavior mixed with a bit of love and romance.

BandslamIt revolved around the bond of two people who think alike and share their passionate love for rock music. In fact, it was the music that helped them to get together. Eventually, these two assemble a crew of like minded misfits and friends who form a rock group together only to perform in a battle of the bands competition, widely known as Bandslam.

Now, if you ever gave a thought about forming a band yourself, this movie could be a really great introduction as to what you have to keep in your mind before you do it. Having a band is not only about the music, you have to think about the other band members, the guitars, drums and other instruments and eventually, the merchandise that will help you spread the popularity of your newly formed band.

Bandslam was not popular only because of the rock music, fancy guitars and rock t-shirts but because of David Bowie’s final film appearance before his death in 2016. So, in a way, this movie was approved by a rock legend himself and that has to count for something.

Bandlsam was well received critically before and after it was released. Still, the movie did not do well commercially but, it managed to do one thing and that was to make hundreds and thousands of teenagers start a rock band. There were t-shirts with the movie cover all over the world, selling in no time and all around the globe kids were buying guitars, trying to start a rock band and be cool.

Maybe the movie was not largely accepted by the wider audience, it still managed to make an impact on the younger generations and enrich them with the spirit of rock. It became some kind of a trend to go to a party and instead of bringing some alcohol you rather bring a guitar or a rock t-shirt as a present. When you come to think about this, the movie did make a change after all and a good one too. It made kids think about rock culture and music and accept it eventually.

Salem Falls – A Drama That Will Move You

Salem Falls – A Drama That Will Move You

If there ever was a movie where music played such an important part that it could almost change the way you felt about a certain actor, his or her character as well as their roles, that would be most definitely Salem Falls. A man, with a dark secret he wants to put behind him, embarks on a journey to find a better life for himself.

Salem FallsThe plot is very well thought of but, it was the splendid music that helped to emphasize it to the maximum of its potential. Now, to completely understand this, it is important to understand the role of music in the movie and what it does to the viewers. Music is supposed to help them to better feel and capture each moment and part of the story that actors want to tell you.

It is supposed to help them to get into the role and feel it on their own skins. If a music is really that good, people will manage to literally live those moments, which is really useful because they will be able to get a better picture of what the director really wanted to say. Sometimes, the storyline of the movie tends to be too slow or it lacks tension. To give it a bit of a boost, music comes into play and sets the motion in place.

With the right level of tension, music can be more powerful than the spoken words. Good cast, lots of twists, music intensity, these are all very important parts of a good movie. Well, Salem Falls has it all. The plot is well developed, the cast knows what to do and the music managed to capture all those magnificent moments in the most wonderful way.

Music can build up the tension

Music is what helps the actors to literally come alive. It is all about the emotion that people need to feel from that combination of spoken words, acting, and music. It is a great ballet of chemistry between the actors, the public, the music and the plot. When all four are in place and go well together, the machine seems to roll on its own and you get a good story that will etch itself upon your memory.

A movie is only good as you manage to memorize it. If it was interesting, you would remember almost the whole thing. Music can help a lot to capture those memorable moments, more than you know. The genre of the movie also can be crucial for the music making. Drama tends to be best for the task because of its emotion.

If the plot is charged with feelings, the music must be too. But not too soft, it is not good to let it spoil the mood. It should give the wanted atmosphere which you can feel in Salem Falls. It is a perfect example of a movie where music and the storyline were blended together with utmost excellence.

Coldplay New Album

Coldplay New Album

Since their sophomore album ”A head full of dreams” in 2015, Coldplay reached the record-breaking sales. Even though we have not heard from them since the last album, it seems that the four-piece took some time to sit down and surprise their fans with the new EP.

ColdplayIf you have been on about it, here are some good news for all of you. Coldplay confirmed that they will release a new EP in 2017, under the name Kaleidoscope. Even though it will be EP rather than LP, the fans will still be able to get a good taste of the new music and the band itself is confident that the new material will click with the old fan base, already established since the inception of this band.

Even though we could not get any copious details about the songs and the material as well as the recording process, we can feel it will be a good EP simply because Coldplay cannot disappoint. There are no details about song titles or any track listing but, we can rely on the fact that their last album released in December 2015 reached number one in the UK with sales going over 4 million copies until today.

Frontman Chris Martin did give us a hint about this EP saying that the band feels comfortable with being who they are at the moment and how this EP is the result of that feeling. They will try yet again to win everyone on this one and the fans really loved the idea of getting a brand new EP from the band.

Not a conventional Coldplay album

Probably what made this EP so special is the fact that is that is not their conventional Coldplay album. The fans will notice that and they will be able to make up their own minds about how they feel about this EP. The band feels like they are exactly where they should be at the moment and this EP is a monument to their previous efforts, a great summit that crowns all.

Unfortunately, there are some notions that this could be their very last effort. The frontman said how he feels that this EP is a closing of a long chapter in the life of this band and that could mean that the band is ready and prepared to say goodbye to the world and their fans.

How Essential DJ Equipment To My Life?

How Essential DJ Equipment To My Life?

To have great gear of a DJ is very helpful regarding big events, special occasions, and some important matter. It was a big challenge for me as a DJ to present my talents and creativity on how I turn on the music and uplifts a lot of people and complete their whole one day or night. At any venue, indoors or outdoors, these equipment matters for me, because I think without them my life is incomplete. I treat them as my family, or this reflects of who I am. Without them, my career would be miserable and lifeless.

DJ EquipmentHow essential these DJ equipment in the cycle of my career or profession? How it changes my life? Since I started myself with this venture and boost this type of career, I have considered my profession a success and part of my success are this equipment which is the instrument and the source of everything. My life changes and become a better DJ who sounds better than any other DJ because of this gear that I have. I have lived differently with just mixing sounds and combine different genres of music and make people happy and enjoy every single day. The cycle of my career depends on the well-equipped gear that I have. To become a stunning DJ of the day or night, I have to make sure that my equipment works right and still sounds good for the crowd. And this gear that I have should be check before the show begins or everything will be ruin and my career would end up nothing. One that I should not forget is to install the software needed and what are the other paraphernalia will be set up before I begin my entertainment with my lively and enjoying crowd. DJ equipment should be placed in a safe and secured place where no one can try to hit and destroy it as the party goes and the peoples get wild in music.

I have this good quality gear because I bought to certified and well-recommended music instrument store and I have rest assured that this works well, and it won’t give frustrating results. Since there are a lot of DJ equipment manufacturers and I don’t have any idea of which is best among them, for an assurance I make series of tests, and I ask for terms and conditions and warranty or replacement basis. And as DJ and not an expert of buying tips of such gear, I have to ask help and recommendations for those instrument specialists to give me ideas on what to choose and which one will suits best for me. I have given my best concerns because in some cases, I invest for my career and my future life and not just an ordinary wish.

Being a DJ is not just an ordinary career and small time money making an idea, this kind of life is in demand, I never took it for granted because, because having this, I change a lot of people’s lives because of best music mixture.

DJ: What To Do To Make The Music Sounds Better?

DJ: What To Do To Make The Music Sounds Better?

Want to know how to make sounds better to change people’s moods and enjoy the rest of the night? Well, for me I have experience a lot of times booking to different places and to different types of people and companies whether its indoors and outdoors and let them move the way they like. In my long time in this DJ business, what really matters for me is to satisfy the partying people and make them jump, be wild and free with my lively and soothing music. With my creative ideas on how to mix and combine different genres of music, I become more in demand and people love me in my own way.

DJTo sound better, I make sure that I have my complete set of equipment that will help me in my DJ venture of music. My equipment matters for me especially this would make my sound different and unique through wide range sounds of effects.  Along with my complete set of equipment are my different techniques on how to sound better. The first step that I do is to check the overall system of the sounds and its volume limitation the crowd. I also secure how it sounds inside or outside, I have made some sounds control on the volume and effects especially on the amplifier. I also make sure that everything is on perfect mode and balance mixture of the system to prevent some annoying sounds, especially on evening bookings.

My equipment, especially my speakers, are installed not near the table, to prevent some exaggerated sounds, and I control the volume according to the place or venue. I also use an equalizer to balance the mixers with the bass. The music sounds better because I have used some DJ software to make some sound experimentation and make the sounds unique and alive. To make me more aware of my music and mixing sounds better, I move around and hear the beats for sound adjustments. I have to make sure that my music will jive a lot of people, and they love it, it catches their eardrums with my lively and enticing music, and they will enjoy it.

I have made my music sounds better because I have with me my complete set of DJ equipment. Because of these gears, I think people would love the most, and they will ask for more and another day of beating sounds. I would appreciate it, but then, this career would not take longer without my DJ gear. For me, this is essential for most DJ’s who will perform such mixing sounds like this. And just like me, they will not be complete without all these paraphernalia.

To make the music sounds better and make people chill and make their long night bustling, I have to share my talents and creativity of how to go with the flow of music, and how should the beats sounds better and lively. To become a DJ is not easy, but this career for me is fun and enjoying, so I live with it.

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