Want to know how to make sounds better to change people’s moods and enjoy the rest of the night? Well, for me I have experience a lot of times booking to different places and to different types of people and companies whether its indoors and outdoors and let them move the way they like. In my long time in this DJ business, what really matters for me is to satisfy the partying people and make them jump, be wild and free with my lively and soothing music. With my creative ideas on how to mix and combine different genres of music, I become more in demand and people love me in my own way.

DJTo sound better, I make sure that I have my complete set of equipment that will help me in my DJ venture of music. My equipment matters for me especially this would make my sound different and unique through wide range sounds of effects.  Along with my complete set of equipment are my different techniques on how to sound better. The first step that I do is to check the overall system of the sounds and its volume limitation the crowd. I also secure how it sounds inside or outside, I have made some sounds control on the volume and effects especially on the amplifier. I also make sure that everything is on perfect mode and balance mixture of the system to prevent some annoying sounds, especially on evening bookings.

My equipment, especially my speakers, are installed not near the table, to prevent some exaggerated sounds, and I control the volume according to the place or venue. I also use an equalizer to balance the mixers with the bass. The music sounds better because I have used some DJ software to make some sound experimentation and make the sounds unique and alive. To make me more aware of my music and mixing sounds better, I move around and hear the beats for sound adjustments. I have to make sure that my music will jive a lot of people, and they love it, it catches their eardrums with my lively and enticing music, and they will enjoy it.

I have made my music sounds better because I have with me my complete set of DJ equipment. Because of these gears, I think people would love the most, and they will ask for more and another day of beating sounds. I would appreciate it, but then, this career would not take longer without my DJ gear. For me, this is essential for most DJ’s who will perform such mixing sounds like this. And just like me, they will not be complete without all these paraphernalia.

To make the music sounds better and make people chill and make their long night bustling, I have to share my talents and creativity of how to go with the flow of music, and how should the beats sounds better and lively. To become a DJ is not easy, but this career for me is fun and enjoying, so I live with it.