Since their sophomore album ”A head full of dreams” in 2015, Coldplay reached the record-breaking sales. Even though we have not heard from them since the last album, it seems that the four-piece took some time to sit down and surprise their fans with the new EP.

ColdplayIf you have been on about it, here are some good news for all of you. Coldplay confirmed that they will release a new EP in 2017, under the name Kaleidoscope. Even though it will be EP rather than LP, the fans will still be able to get a good taste of the new music and the band itself is confident that the new material will click with the old fan base, already established since the inception of this band.

Even though we could not get any copious details about the songs and the material as well as the recording process, we can feel it will be a good EP simply because Coldplay cannot disappoint. There are no details about song titles or any track listing but, we can rely on the fact that their last album released in December 2015 reached number one in the UK with sales going over 4 million copies until today.

Frontman Chris Martin did give us a hint about this EP saying that the band feels comfortable with being who they are at the moment and how this EP is the result of that feeling. They will try yet again to win everyone on this one and the fans really loved the idea of getting a brand new EP from the band.

Not a conventional Coldplay album

Probably what made this EP so special is the fact that is that is not their conventional Coldplay album. The fans will notice that and they will be able to make up their own minds about how they feel about this EP. The band feels like they are exactly where they should be at the moment and this EP is a monument to their previous efforts, a great summit that crowns all.

Unfortunately, there are some notions that this could be their very last effort. The frontman said how he feels that this EP is a closing of a long chapter in the life of this band and that could mean that the band is ready and prepared to say goodbye to the world and their fans.