If there ever was a movie where music played such an important part that it could almost change the way you felt about a certain actor, his or her character as well as their roles, that would be most definitely Salem Falls. A man, with a dark secret he wants to put behind him, embarks on a journey to find a better life for himself.

Salem FallsThe plot is very well thought of but, it was the splendid music that helped to emphasize it to the maximum of its potential. Now, to completely understand this, it is important to understand the role of music in the movie and what it does to the viewers. Music is supposed to help them to better feel and capture each moment and part of the story that actors want to tell you.

It is supposed to help them to get into the role and feel it on their own skins. If a music is really that good, people will manage to literally live those moments, which is really useful because they will be able to get a better picture of what the director really wanted to say. Sometimes, the storyline of the movie tends to be too slow or it lacks tension. To give it a bit of a boost, music comes into play and sets the motion in place.

With the right level of tension, music can be more powerful than the spoken words. Good cast, lots of twists, music intensity, these are all very important parts of a good movie. Well, Salem Falls has it all. The plot is well developed, the cast knows what to do and the music managed to capture all those magnificent moments in the most wonderful way.

Music can build up the tension

Music is what helps the actors to literally come alive. It is all about the emotion that people need to feel from that combination of spoken words, acting, and music. It is a great ballet of chemistry between the actors, the public, the music and the plot. When all four are in place and go well together, the machine seems to roll on its own and you get a good story that will etch itself upon your memory.

A movie is only good as you manage to memorize it. If it was interesting, you would remember almost the whole thing. Music can help a lot to capture those memorable moments, more than you know. The genre of the movie also can be crucial for the music making. Drama tends to be best for the task because of its emotion.

If the plot is charged with feelings, the music must be too. But not too soft, it is not good to let it spoil the mood. It should give the wanted atmosphere which you can feel in Salem Falls. It is a perfect example of a movie where music and the storyline were blended together with utmost excellence.